The Skulls and Wings story

Hey there,

My name is Natalie, and i am founder and creator here at Skulls and Wings. I have a full time role working in procurement (fancy word for buying) as well as heading things up here. 

A little about me;

I left home at 15 following a tough childhood, and have been forging my way through life every since. I am energetic, friendly, excitable, inquisitive, and determined to do great things with my life. I love succeeding, and i love to see and help others succeed equally as much. 


I have always been creative, having studied performing arts, qualified in product design, and having an attention to detail that means i am never quite satisfied

A little about how the brand was originated;

Skulls and Wings was born from a passion to design, and make, jewellery, clothing and accessories that you love upon first sight; that you look forward to wearing, and that allow you to express yourself. It started with creating earrings, and grew to vinyl application and now into clay making... I established this website, a social media presence, an Etsy store, and will be holding pop-up shops when the climate allows- all whilst working from home during Covid.

The items and the packaging;

We are an eclectic mix of all things eye-catching and covetable- where the only constant to be found, are designs that delight. I want you to wear it all with pride, feeling as fabulous as you should. There is no one set "style" just a whole host of ideas and inspiration, and a desire to make things you will LOVE.

I design the clothing through hand sketching, then onto a design programme, then i cut and hand press the vinyl. They jewellery is made through a process of experimentation and time; combining colours and textures, until i hit upon something i love- and i believe you will love too.

I package everything beautifully enough to be presents- whether for you or a loved one. Jewellery is presented on a branded wooden feather, in a branded organza bag, complete with a sprinkle of feathers. Clothing is branded with a wooden tag, wrapped in tissue, and sprinkled with feathers. All items are delivered with a motivational postcard that you can keep, or pass on to someone who needs a boost- and all arrive in purple packaging.  

I work hard to create designs that elicit a thrill to buy, receive and wear, and i want you to experience that thrill.  We are a little business with big passion- and i hope you love our items as much as i do.

Based out of Stokesley, North Yorkshire- i'd love to hear from you if you have any questions or custom requests

Love from Natalie xx