Brand Values

What i stand for;

  • Empowerment; 

When i create designs, i have the word "empowerment" front and centre. I want you to own your worth, and feel fantastic being you, doing you, your way.​

  • Inclusivity;

I want anyone and everyone to feel able to wear our creations- i have no one "target customer"- as i design pieces that feel great- for anyone who loves it to wear. I am aware the brand has a strong female bias, and that is something i will be educating myself on removing.​

  • Quality;

I have worked hard to source the best of everything i use. For everything i make, i make at least two- one to be bought, but one for me to wear, stress test, and critique first. I care about quality.​

  • Doing good to give back;

Skulls and Wings is new- it is just getting off the ground. It is however, my sincere promise that on this journey  i WILL find a way of giving back, that aligns with my values and experiences.

  • Originality;

All my designs originate from me, from my busy little brain that has trouble staying quiet.​ I envisage, i sketch, i experiment, and then i create. I would never copy another persons design- i am authentic and genuine.

  • Exceeding customer expectations;

I want you to view my website, fall in love with an item, and but it. When it arrives, i want you to be thrilled- because its even more fabulous in person. I will keep you p-dated, i will go the extra mile to package your purchase like its a gift- because it is. I am here, and i can be contacted about anything- need some more photos to help your decision? Unsure about which size to go for? Love something but would like a tweak to the decision?- GET IN TOUCH- email me, call me, we will make it work for you- On-line shopping is not easy, and i want to help!

  • Supporting small businesses;

I will buy my supplies from other small businesses where possible. If they post on Instagram about one of their products and i love it- i will share it with my community. I will shop for presents for my loved ones, from small businesses first.​

  • Learning & growing;

I am learning every single day, striving to deliver what you want and need, and understanding how i can give back- be more and do more. I will never stop the journey of learning and growing, as i will never know enough. I am passionate about helping others do the same, and i will always guide or coach anyone who reaches out to me.