Catching Magic Necklace

Catching Magic Necklace


Boho pink tassle necklace, with moon and star.


We adore the magic of this necklace....Our infamous charm reminding us of all that really matters in the world “peace, love, harmony and magic”- with a little added something with the gorgeous baby pink tassel (so soft you’ll want to tickle your own face with it 🤣) the filigree charm which looks like its built for catching dreams, and finished with the sweet little moon man and star- which reminds us to wish upon those sparkly entities for time to time ✨💫


Handmade to order necklace- TLC guaranteed 

  • Dimensions and Materials

    -2mm White Diamond Cut Ball Chain- Length 72cm

    - Peace, Love, Harmony, Magic token; Silver plated brushed metal. Measures approx. 20mm

    - Star and Moon charm; Antique silver-plated. Measures approx. 8 x 7 mm

    -Viscose thread tassel, powder pink. Dimensions;130mm 

    - Rosette filigree pendant, surgical steel. Dimensions; 45x43mm