Self Love Bracelet

Self Love Bracelet


Beautiful love silver bracelet.


Called “self-love” bracelet, as there isn’t a need for someone else to buy you this, why not remind you to love you, and acknowledge your own beauty 💕 of course it is also a very sweet gift for someone who needs you to remind them- but don’t be afraid to buy it for yourself- why the heck not?!! Simple tarnished silver coloured tokens, on Rhodium Plated Diamond Cut Ball Chain. The fastening is one that can be managed alone, so you don’t even need someone else to do that bit either 😜


Handmade to order bracelet- TLC guaranteed 

  • Dimensions and Materials

    -2mm Rhodium Plated Diamond Cut Ball Chain, standard length 18cm

    - Beautiful charm; Metal alloy, dimensions; 20x20x2mm

    - Love charm; Antique Silver, 10mm