Tipsy Flamingo

Tipsy Flamingo


Rose gold flamingo bracelet


A fun little reminder of sunshine and cocktails, sunburn and sand in all the wrong places 🤭 this rose gold toned bracelet is a twinkle of sunshine when you have to be anywhere other than poolside with your favourite book 🙄We love to be reminded of holidays enjoyed with friends, family, and solo travel too- and this guy is just the ticket for that! Personally we like to match with our besties and have one each, like a secret nod to what went down on that last vacay 😅And I mean if whoever we happened to last travel with thinks our company was so great, that they’d like to thank us for gracing them with our presence- this seems like just the thanks 😉


Handmade to order bracelet- TLC guaranteed 

  • Dimensions and Materials

    - 3mm Rose Gold Brass Ball Chain, length; 18cm

    - Cocktail charm; Rose Gold Plated. Dimensions; 11x17mm

    - Flamingo charm; Rose Gold Plated. Dimensions; 18x26mm